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Flashcards release notes


Version 2.5.5 Released: 18.01.21

Norwegian translation

Version 2.5.4 Released: 29.10.16

Fixed bug, that the program sometimes hangs after an update notification

Version 2.5.3 Released: 07.10.16

Fixed bug when entering special characters

Version 2.5.2 Released: 13.09.16

Various small improvements
New Portuguese and Slovenian translation

Version 2.5.1 Released: 30.07.15

BUG: After switching case, sometimes wrong words were selected
Fixed small bug with automatic word selection
Internal Code refactoring to prepare Android version
Updated translations

Version 2.5 Released: 18.07.13

Word statistic: only count word as correct, if it is not currently being repeated
Check input: be less strict with dots, if ... is expected, …, .. and ... are also taken as being correct
Updated translations and new translation: Polish
various small improvements

Version 2.4 Released: 21.04.12

Category names can contain special characters
When a new word already exists it can be directly edited from the edit dialog.
Updated translations
small improvements

Version 2.3.1 Released: 11.06.11

Reverse selection at "Pratice with filter" works correctly now
smaller improvements

Version 2.3 Released: 17.04.11

If a word was entered incorrectly the entry is shown to see one's mistake
Optionally an incorrect word has to be repeated directly in order to memorize it better
new Jokes
small improvements

Version 2.2.6 Released: 15.10.10

The input boxes in the Add Words dialog can be switched
now more than 1000 English jokes
smaller improvements

Version 2.2.5 Released: 01.05.10

Protocol can be filtered by filename
CSV-import allows TAB as separator
Options GUI improved
and smaller improvements

Version 2.2.4 Released: 24.12.09

Improved CSV import
Export as .kat file
Printer setup works on 64-bit Windows

and many smaller improvements

Version 2.2.3 Released: 22.11.09

further attempts only with typos
fixed bug when interrogating all meanings
new jokes
dutch translation

Version 2.2.2 Released: 09.09.09

works with Windows 7
Improved automatic word selection: words from different stages are better mixed
Edit and Add words window improved
New spanish translation

and more improvements

Version 2.2.1 Released 18.08.09

The dictionary can be used while entering word
Jokes can be marked as only suitable for adults
The word editing window is shown faster

Version 2.2 Released: 23.05.09

improved "Edit categories"
-Categories can be imported from another file
-The number of words in the categories are shown

Extended and improed printing:
-Printing from file menu is possible
-Printer and Pagebounds settings
-Font can be changed

Version 2.1.2 Released: 15.02.09

new feature: optionally all meanings of a word have to be entered
improved update (normal users can download updates)
improved Linux support (with Mono)
fixed some bugs

Version 2.1.1 Released: 07.11.08

Main- and Word input window can be resized so that complete sentences can be learned
Word input works with Mono 2.0

and a few smaller improvements

Version 2.1 Released: 27.09.08

Special characters added for several languages
Shortcuts for special characters now with Alt and AltGr
Special characters can be pasted with a mouse click
Translated into Italian

Flashcards now features an automatic word selection
where the program selects the words that should be revised.

And some smaller improvements

Version 2.0.1 Released: 30.08.08

BUG: Files couldn't be opened if you had no categories and the word selection was used
Both languages are shown in the open dialog

and two smaller improvements

Version 2.0 Released: 19.08.08

new improved interrogation method
new xml-based file format with gzip compression
(with xml schema, and xslt transformation to html)
Import of Teachmaster files
drag & drop supported
and a few bug fixes

Version 1.8.3 Released: 10.06.08

Brackets in words are now ignored at interrogation ("(to) go" can be spelt "to go","(to) go" and "go")

and a few smaller bugs and some improvements

Version 1.8.2 Released: 17.05.08

Intro can be deactivated
BUG: Words in 5th box were mixed when it was deactivated

and a few bugfixes and smaller improvements

Version 1.8.1 Released: 18.04.08

New filteroption: Invert selection

and several smaller improvements and bugfixes

Version 1.8 Released: 27.03.08

New: statistic for each word
New: More options for learning with filter
Bug: Special characters work again
New: window for special characters

and several smaller changes and bugfixes

Version 1.7.2 Released: 20.03.08

BUG: special characters were inserted twice

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