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Cookbook release notes


Version 2.6.17 Released: 28.10.23

New Czech and Turkish translation
Bug fixes

Version 2.6.16 Released: 11.03.23

Bug fixes

Version 2.6.15 Released: 05.03.22

Bug fixes

Version 2.6.14 Released: 25.02.22

More short cuts, Ctrl+A selects all recipes, Ctrl+K jumps to the quick search
Bug fixes

Version 2.6.13 Released: 26.04.20

Updated translations

Version 2.6.12 Released: 10.06.19

New Norwegian translation

Version 2.6.11 Released: 06.03.19

New Slovak translation

Version 2.6.10 Released: 27.01.19

Updated translations

Version 2.6.9 Released: 19.11.17

Fix zip import bug
Cookbook now requires .Net Framework version 4.0

Version 2.6.8 Released: 28.12.16

Fixed update bug
Fixed text selection bug in Linux and macOS
Updated translations

Version 2.6.7 Released: 21.11.16

Also converts 1/3 und 2/3
Fixed import/export bugs

Version 2.6.6 Released: 19.10.16

Big picture window can be zoomed with the mouse wheel
After removing a recipe, a popup to undo is shown
Undo via the menu Edit/Undo is still possible
Works again under macOS
Fixed bugs

Version 2.6.5 Released: 18.06.16

Syncro login with deactivated account
New time formats: mn and 1/2h
Bigger print preview
Fixed bugs

Version 2.6.4 Released: 09.01.16

Improve picture synchronization behaviour of names with special characters
Fix bug when upgrading in some cases

Version 2.6.3 Released: 26.12.15

Fix bug when setting recipe categories
Scale the font size of the quick search list

Version 2.6.2 Released: 09.12.15

Fix thumbnail behaviour
Fix picture synchronization bugs
Picture overview: Support drag’n’drop also if no picture exist yet
Update translations

Version 2.6.1 Released: 20.11.15

Export recipe pictures to rtf (Word format)
Increase available space for recipe picture
Fixed bug that prevents restart after updating
New colorful program icon

Version 2.6 Released: 02.06.15

All operations can be undone
New setting: Show all recipes at startup
Pictures are rotated according to EXIF information
Recipes are sorted by name when exporting
HTTPS links are recognized in the source field
Better support for High DPI displays
Performance improvements
New translations: Afrikaans and Estonian

Version 2.5.2 Released: 02.03.15

Possibility to logout cookbook from Syncro
Decrease padding when printing only recipe titles
New translation: Hebrew
Small improvements

Version 2.5.1 Released: 30.07.14

Recipe duplication feature (via right click)
Fixed bugs

Version 2.5 Released: 16.03.14

Link .reze, .rk, and .mm files with Cookbook
Save last used pictures folder
Feature to duplicate menus
Restrict search with multiple categories
New Russian translation
Bug fixes

Version 2.4.1 Released: 16.12.13

Bug fixes

Version 2.4 Released: 29.11.13

Optionally start in readonly mode
Latex export
Smaller improvements

Version 2.3 Released: 08.05.13

Import: added preview window of recipes
Import of RecipeML files
Optimized HTML-export for mobile clients

fixed small bugs

Version 2.2 Released: 31.01.13

Vineta/Jineta XML files can be imported
Save paper size and source from printing
Picture overview zoom is saved more reliably
New translation: Catalan

Version 2.1.2 Released: 31.12.12

Picture preview size is now changeable (move separator line under "Add picture" with your mouse)
Show when the Kochbuch syncro test time is over

Version 2.1.1 Released: 02.12.12

improved translations
Syncro: recipe conflict notice now always appears

small bug fixed

Version 2.1 Released: 30.11.12

Kochbuch syncro® is now available:
- Online synchronization of your recipes
- On all devices: PC, Android
- Test it for 20 days for free

Fixed some smaller bugs

Version 2.0.1 Released: 19.08.12

runs again with 64bit Windows

Version 2.0 Released: 18.08.12

Quicksearch in main window
Navigation with arrowkeys in big picture window
new Intro

New translation: Danish

Version 1.7.5 Released: 05.01.12

Export dialog saves export paths
Importfilter for Regi Dean's Recipes
Fixed bugs

Version 1.7.4 Released: 29.10.11

Fixed bug at import and RTF-export
updated translations

Version 1.7.3 Released: 20.10.11

Fixed bug, that resulted in a hidden "Load picture" button on some computers
Updated translations

Version 1.7.2 Released: 14.10.11

Printing: adjusted tabstops
new printing options: Center recipe name, print date
Ingredients and preparation caption are printed in bold
Rating and difficulty can be changed with keys
Image view improved: Navigation is now possible in the big picture (appears when clicking on the thumbnail)
New translations: Polish, Bulgarian, Greek

Version 1.7.1 Released: 08.01.11

Fullscreen display of pictures is easier to access by a single click on the thumbnail
When importing changes in the recipes are easier to spot
New Translations: Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian

Version 1.7 Released: 21.02.10

Searching without clicking the search button
Printer setup works on 64-bit Windows
Multiple categories can be deleted or moved at the same time
The export was reworked:
-Recipe export as a website
-Optionally pictures can be jpg-compressed
Bug fixed with MM/RK Import
New translations: Finnish, Serbian

Version 1.6.2 Released: 21.10.09

Portuguese and Bavarian translation
Fixed bug

Version 1.6.1 Released: 10.10.09

Cooking time and preparation time can be entered freely
All recipes can be shown at the same time
New translations: Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Slovenian
and many more improvements

Version 1.6 Released: 18.07.09

Recipes can have more than one categorie
Improved printing:
- font can be changed
- other margins are possible
- pages can be numbered
Improved Export:
- export as formated text file (RTF)
- as compressed zip file (can be directly imported again)
- send as email
Correct layout with 120 dpi
The Printing list has been renamed to the recipe box (The recipes can be printed or exported)

and several speed optimizations and smaller improvements

Version 1.5c Released: 16.05.09

Improved picture scaling
Fixed bug on systems with .net Framework before sp2

Version 1.5b Released 06.05.09

French translation

Version 1.5 Released 07.04.09

Import of MM(Mealmaster) and RK(RezKonv) recipes
More than one picture per recipe (e.g. step by step guidance)
New options: Select previous recipe on start
Print more than one recipe per page
Multiselect of recipes is supported (e.g for moving or deleting)
Categories can be sorted alphabetically
the performance with huge recipe collections was improved

Many more improvements, bugfixes and optimizations

Version Released 06.01.09

The bug that menus weren't saved is solved
Cook duration can be entered in hours and minutes

Version 1.4.2 Released: 28.12.08

Search for category and source possible
Completely redesigned print function with more options and an improved usability
Font size can be changed
The save folder for the recipe and menu file can be changed (Settings.txt in "%AppData%\Flo & Seb Engineering\Kochbuch")

and several minor improvements

Version 1.4.1 Released: 23.08.08

Improved Export function (Export of pictures and menus)
Tabs can be used in the ingredients box
Automatic cookbook backups
and some improvements and bugfixes

Version 1.4 Released: 28.06.08

Additional recipe infos can be entered (duration, difficulty, source, number of persons)
Improved search
Recipes can be sorted alphabetically

smaller design improvements
and now fully functional under Linux (requires Mono)

Version 1.3.1 Released: 25.04.08

Fixed Bug in the search function;

Version 1.3 Released: 04.01.08

Added Automatic Update
Translated into English
BUG: Recipies longer than one page can be printed now

and several smaller bugs

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