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Version 1.6.2

Android 8.0 Oreo Support
Cookbook now requires at least Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Import and Export of Zip files (works better with photos) Fixed bugs Version

Version 1.4.6

Ready for Android N
Enable logging in to Kochbuch syncro when expired

Version 1.5 Released 20.07.2016

New image galery
Fixed bugs

Version 1.4.6

Ready for Android N
Enable logging in to Kochbuch syncro when expired

Version 1.4.4 Released 14.02.2015

Improve import, show files from all external storages
Show fullscreen icon on tablets
Fix crashes

Version 1.4.3 Released 09.01.2016

Improve picture synchronization behaviour of names with special characters

Version 1.4.2 Released 09.12.2015

New Finnish tranlsation

Version 1.4.1 Released 23.10.2015:

Fix floating button in Android 2.3
New translations

Version 1.4 Released 04.10.2015:

Material Design and new icon
Ability to reorder categories
Show thumbnails in recipe list
Also share extra recipe infos
Fix bugs

Version 1.3.5 Released 30.05.2015:

Fixed bug on first syncro login
New translataion: Croatian

Version 1.3.4 Released: 24.04.2015

Beam recipes to other NFC capable Android devices
Correctly rotate recipe images
New translations: Danish, Romanian
Other bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.3 Released: 23.11.2014

Correct icons in ActionBar for the design
Adapted for Android Lollipop

Version 1.3.2 Released: 17.05.2014

Fixed bugin image synchronization
Fixed rare crash in image list
Use ActionBar search bar in Android 2.2 and 2.3

Version 1.3.1 Released 02.03.2014

Updated translations
New translation: Dutch
Syncro code can be copied by clicking on it

Version 1.3 Released: 06.01.2013

Import Cookbook export files
Two modes available:
- Overwrite existing recipes with the same name, and add the other recipes
- Delete all existing recipes and then import the file

Version 1.2 Released: 16.09.2013

App2SD support
Readonly mode for recipes
New translation: Italian

Version 1.1.2 Released: 07.02.2013

fixed rare crash in sync

Version 1.1 Released: 31.12.2012

Show date of last successful synchronisation
Picture synchronisation optimized
Improved Kochbuch syncro setup dialog

Version 1.0 Released: 30.11.2012

Kochbuch syncro® is now available:
- Online synchronization of your recipes
- On all devices: PC, Android
- Test it for 20 days for free

Improved icons and fixed some bugs:
- crash when turning large tablets
- crash when selecting images with some file explorers

Version 1.0beta8 Released: 22.10.2012

Added possibility to export all recipes
fixed some small bugs

Version 1.0beta7 Released: 20.09.2012

Speeded up loading of pictures
Searching for ingredients/preparation enabled
Fixed bugs in the beta synchronisation
New translation: French

Version 1.0beta6 Released: 18.08.2012

new Design
Modification for Android 4.0
new Settings:
-hide recent recipes
-keep screen on when viewing recipe
more translations

Version 1.0beta3 Released: 04.03.2012

Fixed import bug
Show cooking time
Resolved critical error on delete category
Improved support of Android 1.6

Optimizations for tablets:
- bigger font for recipes
- extended recipe view
- use action bar on Android 3+

Version 1.0beta2 Released: 24.01.2012

Global search function
New start screen with most recent recipes
Pictures can be added from the gallery

Version 1.0beta Released: 24.01.2011

First test version
Recipe input
Import recipes from the PC version
Take pictures for recipes

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