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Kochbuch syncro®

Kochbuch syncro offers you an automatic online synchronization of all your recipes on different devices (PCs, Android-phones und tablets) with internet connectivity.
Kochbuch syncro is an extension of the standard Cookbook version.

Test Kochbuch syncro now 20 days for free. There's no automatic renewal. If you like our product you can order it for one or three years.

One year costs 18,95 €.
For three years you only pay 28,95 €.

Order now, payable via PayPal or bank transer (EU only).

Further information about Kochbuch syncro (in German) Flyer and Datenblatt

If you need english information, please contact us.

Setup in three steps:

Now you'll always have your recipes with you. Have fun cooking!

Technical details

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
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