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With our translation site everybody can improve and extend the translations of our programs.

In order to translate a program select the program and the language you want to edit. If the language you want to translate isn’t available yet please send us an email, so we’ll add it.

After clicking on “Show” the list with the phrases to translate is shown.
All untranslated phrases are show in red. Orange lines indicate that the original text has changed and the translation has to be updated.
Carry out your changes and then click on “Send suggestion”.

At first your changes will be shown as suggestions under the textboxes.
They will be used as soon as we’ve checked them.

If you’re planning on making more changes you can register here.
As soon as you've done some good translating, we can give you admin rights, so you’re changes will be applied directly.

If you’ve done more than 100 changes from your account, you’ll receive Kochbuch syncro or a Flashcards key free of charge.

Please keep in mind that you will be logged out automatically after an hour if you have JavaScript disabled. So apply your changes regularly so they won’t get lost.

Notices for translating the programs

Notices for translating flashcards

If you have any further questions or something is unclear just write us an email
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